Class P4/5

Welcome to P4/5

Our teacher is Mrs Witkowski

Our topic is the River Spey.  The class are sharing their information about the River with the rest of the class. We are planning to go on a short to the River Spey including the Telford Bridge.  The whole school went to see the bridge at the start of term (see the photos below) as part of their discussion about the links with the community and what makes Craigellachie great!

Learning to write recount about a day in the summer holidays.
We are developing our growth mind set approach to our work.

2016-17  Last academic year

This term we have been learning about the country of Malawi. We have been learning about lots of different aspects including the culture and the food. In the gallery below you can see some masks we made using cardboard, paint, seeds, peas, feathers and rice.

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Last term our changed question is How far has farming changed in Scotland?

We are making posters about Farming. We are finding out about Farming from 1700 to the present day. We did individual presentations using PowerPoint e.g. hill farming and the history of farming.

In Big Maths we are times tables and learning how to addition to 20. We also use the website Topmarks.

In ICT/ Computing we having been using Microsoft Word to prepare for a Burns Supper . We used Excel to create Pixel Art. We also added formulas to Excel and added data. We have also been using the programming language, Scratch to create our own games. We have also been using the Barefoot Computing lessons, Royal Society Scratch manuals etc… to learn about Unplugged Computing and Computational Thinking.

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Last term we are asking the question
Why do we need to find an alternative energy to replace oil, gas and coal?.

In Literacy we are looking at Persuasive Writing. We are writing a letter to persuade someone to say our school is the best.

Last year our class topic was about how water affects our community. The salmon eggs were kept in a temperature controlled fridge. The fridge was kept at 10 degrees centigrade. If the eggs got too hot or cold they will not hatch. The tweezers and blue net were used to remove the dead white eggs. We took out the dead ones so they do not harm the others. We recorded how many eggs we remove on the bar, line and pictographs. We kept the eggs until they grew into fries. They belong to Liz and Steve.

On Community Day we went to the River Spey to release the salmon carefully into the river.

Earlier in the term P4/5 class were learning about arctic animals.

We made a presentation about these arctic animals. We practised our lines. We looked for information on the internet. We read it and then we put it in our words. (Ellis P4, Logan P3 and Louise P4).

Our teacher is called Mrs Woolgar.

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