Class P6/7


Welcome to Primary 6/7

  • Our teacher is Mr Stevens
  • We are looking at the local area and the village of  Craigellchie. This has included looking at how Craigellachie has changed over time.
  • The whole school went to see the nearby Telford bridge at the start of term (see the photos below) as part of their discussion about the links with the community and what makes Craigellachie great!

My favourite memory of 2016-17 is ………….

  • taking part in Twelfth Night at Eden Court by Caelan P6
    (Schools Shakespeare Festival 2017)
  • taking part in Abernethy by Lawrie P7,  Lexie P6 and Zara P6
  • taking part in Sports Day (June 2017) I won the running race!  by Matthew P6
  • going to Abernethy because it was enjoyable to do and thrilling by Gregg P7
  • being a buddy to Katherine in P1 by Iain P7 and Caelen W. P7
  • when we did Twelfth Night. I was the second officer by Luke P7
  • the Burns Supper because it was great to do different things such as getting to write our own ode to the boys by Emma P7
  • when we did Tycoon Schools when we set up our own business with profit and loss by Alex P7
  • was the Burns Supper because the P7s got to take charge of it and it worked really well with kids playing adult roles by Arran P7
  • was going to Forest Schools because I liked the crafts we did by Georgia P7
  • was going to Abernethy because it was fun and active by Thomas P7
  • was going to Abernethy because it was so fun by Josh P7
  • making new friends by Emma P7 and Abbie E. P6

This term we are learning about Alexander Fleming and his work with Penicillin. We are also looking at Jenner and his work on Microbes.

Last term our big question is Why Choose Moray?

We were learning about:

Why people should visit/live in Moray?
Where people can go and visit if they are visiting Moray?
Where people can go for a drink and for something to eat?

We also were learning about:

What is the most popular gender in Moray?
What is the most popular age in Moray?
What is the most popular place to work in Moray?

We have also been looking at Food around the World. The United Nations have goals around the area of Food including Food for all.

In Big Maths we are going into different groups and doing either a maths activity. You can choose from:

  • calculations
  • problem solving
  • column method
  • dividing
  • Khan Academy (on a computer) in Maths
  • Lumio website – more child-friendly than Kahn Academy because it is more colourful.
  • Pi
  • 3-d shapes

In ICT/Computing we have been practising our word skills, creating pixel art and using the Scratch programming language to create our own games. We have been using several tools and apps in a single lesson to create a single image or PowerPoint or Publisher document. Examples have included a “my best work document”  using Excel,  Word,  Scratch, Internet Research and using Snipping tool to grab work from each. We have also been using the Barefoot Computing lessons, Royal Society Scratch manuals etc… to learn about Unplugged Computing and Computational Thinking.

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Last term we were going to look at the following:

Are individuals discriminated against in our world?

As part of our Literacy we are studying the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Since the start of this term we have been preparing for a performance of the play at Eden Court Theatre on 8th November. It will be part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.

“Shakespeare Schools Festival is proud to present a series of unique performances by children from the local community. This is a wonderful opportunity for schools to introduce children to the language, magic and possibilities of Shakespeare. 

An evening at Shakespeare Schools Festival will be a night to be treasured and remembered!” Eden Court Schools Shakespeare Festival

This is the second time we have performed a Shakespeare  Play at the Festival. We did the tragedy Macbeth in 2014.

Later in the year we are going to Abernethy. It is a ski resort not very far from here. We will be able to do a whole range of activities including abseiling, rope swings, skiing and we might get a chance to go up Cairngorm Mountain. At the resort there is swimming pool and a games room. People who have been before tell us that it will be a wonderful experience.

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