Community Time

Community Day continues this academic year. The whole school separates most Wednesday afternoons from 2.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.into a number of groups. Each group has a mix of ages from P1-P7. They are involved in activities, inside and outside the school including working with members of the community e.g. Rev Shuna from Aberlour Parish Church.

This year the groups are as follows:-

  • Busy Buddies
  • Rights Respecting Schools
  • Energisers
  • Happiness Hub
  • Reporting /Webmasters Group
  • Green Gorillas

Community Day March 3rd 2016

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This year Community Time takes place on Wednesdays. All year groups (P1-7) are involved in a variety of groups.

Busy Buddies- 

 What are you focusing on?

  1. The refurbishment of the mud kitchen- creating plans, researching mud kitchens, obtaining furnishings.
  2. Litter in the Craigellachie area- litter picking, making posters for citizens, keeping in contact with village council.

” Sanding off the mud kitchen was fun” (Alex)

Do you have any future plans?

  1. Present plans to the head teacher
  2. Ask Moray Council to make bigger posters

Update – April 2016  
We are coming up with rules for the mud kitchen and for an opening ceremony for the new mud kitchen in its new location. We are also litter picking.

Web masters

We spend our time finding out about and writing about what is happening in the school.
During the recent Community Day the group learnt more about web design and also had an opportunity to create animated films using Lego, paper backgrounds and toy animals.

“I enjoyed it. I liked playing minecraft, making animations and using Scratch.” Eliis P4

“I enjoyed making an animation with Eliis and Calum. I had fun taking it slowly and carefully. In the end we had a pretty good animation. Our animation was about a person finding a sword but a dog took it and he had to run after the dog.” Arran P6

“I liked animating and playing Minecraft and Kodu.” Louise P4

” I had great fun. It was epic. I liked animating. “Kayla P3

” We were learning to make a website and how to animate with Lego pieces. There were a group of people making things on Scratch like a cat and mouse game. People loved it. There was also a computer with Minecraft on it.” Laurie P6

Rights Respecting Schools group

During the recent Community Day we were making a poster about the Rights Respecting Schools Award. we are working towards recognition of commitment to becoming a Rights Respecting School. It is based around the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools AwardRights Respecting Schools Award Information Unicef website

Creating a poster during the recent Community Time Day (March 2016) showing our Rights. This will be displayed in the School Office.
Community Day Citizen Rights

Update – April 2016  They are working towards an award.

The Energisers

We created our own templates to use for wall painting in the staircase down to the playground and outdoor area.

Update – April 2016  We are going to have an Earth Hour in the school. We are also using an Energy Checklist. See the Join the Pad website.file:///C:/Users/Mum/Downloads/Energy_Vampire_Slayer_Quick_Activity.pdf

also see under Quick activities.

The Green  Gorillas

During the Community Day we went on a trip to Findhorn to find out more about growing plants.

“This week we were cleaning out compost bins. It was hard work. We are re-organising the new bin. The new one is brilliant!”

Update – April 2016  

We are making the playground more healthy and adding more plants.

The Happiness Hub

The Happiness Hub prepared and ran a tea party for local residents in the local Village Hall. People enjoyed being greeted and listening the entertainment. For example Thomas in P6 told jokes.

The Web Masters asked each of the groups a series of questions.

Here are the questions which were asked.

1.who is in your group

2.what do you do in your group

3.where do you meet

4.what have you been talking about you work inside or outside

6.are you planning on going on a trip

7.are you making anything

Update – April 2016  

This term we are planning to make our own soup. We will investigate how to make soup. We are also thinking about planning a Family Soup and Sweet.

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