Language activityThe skills required for communication are fundamental to the curriculum and to the needs of our society. The best teaching and learning results from the integration of the four elements of the language curriculum. 1. Listening – Children need to be taught to listen well, especially to the opinions of others if they are to fit in socially. We help children to increase their concentration span. 2. Reading – The ability to read is one of the basic requirements of an education for life. There is a high emphasis placed on developing good reading and comprehension skills. The Reciprocal reading methods are being introduced to the school. This is where the skills of clarifying, questioning, summarising and predicting are taught to enhance reading comprehension. 3. Writing – The conventions of written language – punctuation, spelling, handwriting – are best taught from the children’s own work so that the mistakes they make become the teaching points. It is also important for children to produce written work that is relevant, effective, functional and imaginative. This will come through theme work in the class and will be from first hand, imagined or created experiences. 4. Talking – We aim to encourage good articulation skills so that the children have the ability and confidence to express appropriately their ideas, opinions, questions and answers in any situation or company.


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