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Mathematics is about solving problems not just ‘doing sums’. The ability to calculate quickly is essential. Children need to develop a high level of competence in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division so that they can apply these skills in real life situations. We promote a deep understanding of number so that our pupils have different strategies to hand, to solve a calculation. To this end we have introduced the ‘BIG maths’ Maths Working Wallscheme that focuses on all of these points. In Craigellachie the practical activities, necessary for children to fully understand computation, will come first.

All staff are fully trained in the use of Numicon and all pupils use this manipulative as required. Children need to practise orally and in written form to ensure that they can access mathematical facts quickly and accurately. Mental maths is given a high priority in our school. We have a structured progression with the BIG maths scheme that is used throughout the school.


On the 28th of March 2017 Alex Fotheringham and Emma McConachie and Cailan White went to the Enterprising Maths Challenge in Elgin Academy. We had to do a poster at the beginning about measuring. Then we had to the “round table” moving from table to table playing games.  One of the Games was called “hex”. It was fun. Then we had our lunch. Then we did a test paper. It was about maths. Finally we did a relay race. We all had a great time.

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