The CfE emphasises the development of skills for learning, life and work. We use Blooms Taxonomy to identify skills used at school. These are wide ranging and include:

  • Higher order skills – thinking about complex issues, problem solving, analysis and evaluation and creativity.
  • Critical thinking skills – making judgements and decisions, communicating, co-operating with others, self-organisation. Important themes are Enterprise, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development.

Pupils can also become involved in the school’s ‘Pupil Council’. All pupils are members of community groups that meet each Friday afternoon to work for the good of the school community. These are mixed age groups that include the Gardening group, Eco group, Reporting group, GLOW group and the Health and Wellbeing group. In addition there are numerous voluntary extra-curricular activities which children can take part in. e.g. Badminton club, Craft club, Netball club and Choir club.

This is the website for Craigellachie Primary School

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