Varied Learning Methods

There are a variety of ways in which learning opportunities may be presented to children. The CfE represents a different approach to learning in schools intended to help learners develop skills, knowledge and understanding in more depth.

Examples of how children will learn differently are:

  • Using technologies
    Find, research, communicate, create and present.
  • Active Learning
    Being actively engaged in the learning task, whether mentally or physically
  • Cooperative Learning
    Encouraging thinking and talking together to discuss ideas and solve problems. Learning from each other.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning
    Using links between different areas of learning to develop, reinforce and deepen understanding.
  • Outdoor Learning
    Making use of the outdoor environment and surrounding community.

Planning of learning contexts and methods may be personalised according to an individual’s learning and development priorities. Thus, there may be different expectations of learning achieved for different children.

It is not only the academic achievements of children that are recognised. We celebrate a range of achievements reached by children in and out of the school community e.g. Progress in personal development, participation in events, extracurricular and personal interest activities.


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