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Craigellachie Primary School provides an educational service to children from Primary 1 to Primary 7 (ages 5 years – 12 years). We are a non-denominational primary school.

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The school itself is situated in the village of Craigellachie, overlooking the River Spey. Formal education has been provided here since 1870 and in our present building for over 100 years. Although a listed building, the inside has been modernised and equipped to meet the needs of today’s curriculum. This has also been helped by our extra accommodation in the playground, which provides an extra classroom and a room for expressive arts. We also have the Spey room which provides a quiet learning and teaching area for individuals and small groups. At the moment the Village Hall, local amenities and Speyside High School are used for a variety of curricular and social purposes.

We are continually developing our grounds to increase opportunities and facilities for learning, socialising and relaxing. We have a gardening area, a wild meadow area and we have loose materials to play with. These loose materials consist of tyres, branches, guttering and rope, ensuring that our playground plays a role in investigation, den building and imaginative play.

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Pupils are in mixed ability classes, as far as possible, according to their ages. Schools in Scotland are staffed to a formula that relates to the school roll. Hence, the size and distribution of the classes means that we may have to form composite classes, a feature in most schools.

We serve a scattered rural community and at present we have 64 pupils from P1 – P7, some of whom come from out with the catchment area.

The school is fully staffed and well supported by the community and more directly by its parents and the Parent Partnership. A regular newsletter is sent home to ensure that parents are kept up-to-date with all school activities, holidays etc. We work in close partnership with Outfit Moray, Bike Revolution and Wild Things.


This is the website for Craigellachie Primary School

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