Behaviour at Craigellachie

Rules and Discipline
We like to ‘catch pupils being good’ and enjoy offering rewards for good behaviour as well as for academic excellence. We believe that praise and the celebration of success are powerful rewards in themselves but we do also offer pupils stickers and Head Teacher Awards or some ‘golden time’ as more tangible rewards. Sometimes pupils have difficulties accepting and following the school rules. In these cases we will act in the following ways. Firstly we will make pupils aware that they must take responsibility for their actions and look at strategies to modify their future behaviour. If there is still cause for concern we will ask parents or carers to come into school to discuss the situation with the class teacher and the Head Teacher in order to arrive at an agreed plan of action to remedy the problems. At times it is necessary to impose sanctions in order to modify and improve behaviour. These may include verbal warnings, temporary removal of the pupil from the class or group situation in which the behaviour is occurring, completing learning tasks individually supervised by the Head Teacher and withdrawal of privileges. In rare and extreme cases when these sanctions have not been successful, pupils may be excluded from school. We are obliged to report any incidents involving violence, weapons, and drugs or alcohol to Education Services.

Incidences of potential bullying will be taken very seriously. We will try to help children to resolve any issues that arise. Please contact us if there is a matter causing your child concern. Leaflets and fuller information on Bullying, Disability Discrimination and Race Relations is available from The Moray Council by telephoning the respective number, emailing or accessing the web page on the council website.

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