School Ethos

Our Curriculum Rationale at Craigellachie Primary School our curriculum provides a school ethos sectionbroad, rich and exciting learning experience that will help our learners become critical thinkers who can make balanced decisions based on all the knowledge, understanding and experience that they have been exposed to. It will facilitate creativity, enterprise and resilience so that our pupils will be valued, respected members of a community in an unknown future. Citizens who can bounce back when problems arise. Our pupils expect to reach high standards of literacy, numeracy and ICT. We place a strong emphasis on high academic standards. We teach the curriculum using our local context – Speyside – to take the learning outdoors. Through teaching and learning outdoors and playing outdoors, we place a strong emphasis on responsibility for and a love of and the environment. Our rationale fosters a strong awareness of the importance of good physical and mental health as well as a love and respect for the environment.

This is the website for Craigellachie Primary School

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