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Full details of the school’s successes and achievements are available in the school’s ‘Standards and Quality Report 2015-16 Review of Session

At Craigellachie Primary, we aim to improve educational experiences for all of our pupils. We have identified a number of improvement priorities.

Full details are available in the school’s full ‘ School Improvement Plan 2017-18

In brief these are:

1. The Curriculum – Continuing from previous years SIP

  • To evaluate and embed the process and systems of teaching core numeracy skills throughout the school.
  • To evaluate and embed the use of ‘Big Maths’ and ‘Numicon’ in order to teach core numeracy skills.
  • To evaluate and embed the use of maths and numeracy progression.
  • To evaluate and embed the use of literacy progression.
  • To evaluate and embed the understanding of phonics and active spelling.

2. Learning and Teaching

To embed the 4 Aspects of Pedagogy (Continuing from 2013/14) through:

  • Continuation of TLC’s that will focus on continuous improvement of teaching practice.
  • Learning/refreshing of AiFL techniques that can be used in the classroom.
  • An enquiry of our own teaching practice and learning new and better approaches that will enhance pupils learning.

3. Health and Wellbeing

  • To introduce the ‘Bounce Back’ wellbeing and resilience programme
  • To develop the House Captains role and responsibilities
  • To further embed ‘Community Time’ and work towards our first Eco-Flag

If you wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school personally or by telephone.


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