Section 30 of The Education (Scotland) Act 1980 requires parents to ensure that their child attends school regularly. Regulation 7 of The Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Amendment etc. Regulations 1993 requires each child’s absence from school to be recorded in the school register as authorised (approved by the local authority) or unauthorised (unexplained by the parent/guardian (truancy) or excluded from school).

If your child is absent from school please contact the school as soon as possible in the morning to explain the absence. If you have not contacted the school and your child is absent, we will contact you. It is therefore important that parents keep the school informed of up to date contact details. If we are not able to contact a parent and we are concerned for a child’s safety, the school may need to contact the police. We therefore urge parents to contact the school about any absence.

We can be contacted by: Telephone 01340 881271 (normal line) or
E-mail admin.craigellachiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
We can also be contacted through the school information line.

We would stress that an ill child cannot be happily educated. It is of more benefit to a pupil remaining at home whilst ill than being at school and feeling miserable. We also request that any pupil not able to take part in PE for medical reasons brings a letter to school to authorise this. Family holidays taken during term time are recorded as “unauthorised” absences except in exceptional circumstances.

This is the website for Craigellachie Primary School

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