Enrolment and Transferring

Enrolment into P1:  
In accordance with the Admission Policy of the Moray Council, all children who attain the age of 5 years on or before the start of session date in August should begin attending primary school in August.  Children, who attain the age of 5 years after the start of the session, but on or before the last day of February, may also be enrolled in primary school in August. Parents have the choice however to allow the child to wait a further year before entering school. If in doubt on this matter, please come to the school and discuss this with the head teacher.  In January each year new P1 entrants are enrolled to start school the following August. Further information can be obtained from the School Office.  Actual enrolment dates are widely publicised in the local press, shops and libraries.  Children from out with the school’s catchment who wish to come to Craigellachie School should enrol at the school they are in the catchment of and make a placing request for Craigellachie.  Between enrolment and the start of session, pupils are invited into the school on several occasions to familiarise themselves with their teacher and surroundings. There are also opportunities for parents to visit the school and a meeting to inform parents about their child’s start at school. We aim to make the transition from nursery to school or home to school as smooth as possible for the pupils. We encourage parents into the school at any time and in particular to approach us with any concern they might have.  Regular contact is maintained throughout the session with all pre-school groups in Speyside.

Enrolment into other classes:
Parents and children who are considering coming to the school are always welcome to look round the school and meet with the Head Teacher and should make an appointment through the school office. At this point they will meet with the House Captains and the class teachers, in order to gain a fully rounded view of the school.
Children may be enrolled into other classes in the school at any time of the year, for example if they move into the area or if they wish to transfer from another school. Parents wishing to enrol their children should come to the school office to complete the relevant paperwork.

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