School Lunches

Meals are cooked at Aberlour Primary school and transported to Craigellachie village hall, where lunch is eaten. At the start of each session, parents are advised about the cost of school meals. Six weekly meal plans are available. The weekly menu is displayed at the school reception and this is where children can purchase tickets, on the first day of the week. Children entitled to free meals collect their book of tickets from the school office at the start of the day. If you think your household income may mean you child is eligible for free school lunches, then refer to Moray Council- School Meals page to access information and a claim form from The Moray Council. Two auxiliaries are in attendance at lunchtime, supervising the dining hall for those having school lunches and packed lunches.

“The Scottish Government has committed to giving all children in primary 1 to primary 3 the option of a free school meal from January 2015.  You do not need to complete an application form to claim for free school meals for a child in primary 1 to primary 3, but you will need to complete a form if you want to claim for a clothing grant.  When your child enters primary 4, they will no longer be entitled to a free school meal under this scheme, but you can claim free school meals and a clothing grant for your child if you are receiving a number of benefits” (Moray Council, 2016)

To read more and download application forms please go to the Moray Council Page related to Free School Meals and Clothing Grants

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Example of a typical weekly menu below

schools meals week one example









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