With the support of parents, we strongly recommend the wearing of school uniform to lessen the pressure of children competing to wear the latest fashions. Children should wear red school sweatshirts/cardigans with white polo shirts with grey or black skirts or trousers. They may also wear grey shorts.

For P.E., t-shirts, in house colours, and plain shorts, indoor gym shoes and outdoor trainers are required. Younger children may leave their bags on their pegs. We recommend that the more senior children bring their P.E. kit to change into. It is helpful if PE equipment, school bags and jackets can have the child’s name marked on them. Please leave jewellery and valuables at home. This should prevent the distress caused by items being lost.

Some households may be entitled to clothing grants (and free school meals).
Please follow the link to the Moray Council Information page related to Free School Meals and Clothing Grants.

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