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Change to School Uniform Supplier

Craigellachie Primary School has now changed supplier of school uniforms as this will benefit the school and parents in the future.

We have an account with Tesco.com and parents can now for ease order uniforms directly through their website.  With this efficient service parents can also benefit from gaining Tesco Clubcard points for every item ordered and have the uniform items delivered to their door.  The school will also benefit from a commission on all uniform sales.

Firstly you will require to have a Tesco on-line account and you can register with them for on-line shopping through Tesco.com.  They will give you a unique log in and password for you to use each time you do on-line shopping.

Once you have registered the instructions for purchasing school uniforms are:

  1. Go to tesco.com/direct/ues
  2. Enter in the search box Craigellachie Primary and the school account will be shown with the logo.
  3. Click to open Craigellachie Primary School uniform page.
  4. Enter in which items, size and quantity required and add each item to your basket.
  5. Check your basket items then go to checkout.
  6. Proceed to payment screen when prompted and payment can then be made by debit card, Visa Card, Mastercard or bank card.

If you have any queries or problems with this method of ordering please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school.

Contact details: admin.craigellachiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk      01340 881271

Thank you.


Diane McLaughlin|Primary School Administrator | Craigellachie Primary School


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